Vertica on openstack implementation

AvihaimAvihaim Registered User

does anyone work with Vertica on openstack?
we are using Vertica on openstack and on some environments from time to time all DB is getting frozen answering no queries at all
nodes are in UP state
vsql in connecting me to the dbadmin prompt but I can't even query "select 1;"
does anyone have an experience in such implementations?


  • Jim_KnicelyJim_Knicely Administrator, Moderator, Employee, Registered User, VerticaExpert


    Sometimes this is a "Resource Pool" issue. Are all user's using the general pool? If so, and there are many concurrent queries using all of the memory allocated to the GP, then all new queries, including those issued by the dbadmin user, will queue (which might appear as a frozen system).

    Can you check the RESOURCE_QUEUES system table?


  • AvihaimAvihaim Registered User

    Hi Jim,
    actually we are using different resource pools
    we have a dedicated resource pool for loading (COPYies)
    and 3 different pools for queries (1 for routable queries and 2 for reports)
    I don't think it's a matter of resource contention...
    (same load and amount of queries are tested over the time,
    it can work smoothly for several days and then it got stuck..)
    when it's frozen, restart of DB is not helping and I need to restart the VMs as well in order to get the service available again

    I think it's a matter of architecture issue,
    as I said we are using openstack as the virtual platform and to enhance the network bandwidth and to decrease network latency we are using an SRIOV ports implementation...
    we used all recommendation we got (turn of tcp-offload... change RX/TX on the interconnect NIC)
    still I feel that something is still harming the spread communication...
    I would like to get some deeper configuration for the hosts interface used for Vertica and for the VMs as well...

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