Copy Vertica DB to google cloud?

usaousao Registered User

I need to make a "copy" of our physical vertica database cluster and restore it in the google cloud. Not sure if anyone has done this before or if there are any recomendations. Any pointers would be appreciated.


  • DaveTDaveT Employee, Registered User

    I have not tried it but you can take a look at Google Cloud Storage FUSE. That should allow you to mount Linux filesystems to cloud storage. Then you can try to just use vbr to make your backup and test your restore.

  • nirkanirka Registered User
    I considered using FUSE and Google buckets for backup storage, but vertica needs to lock some files generated as part of the backup which is not supported in Google buckets. In Amazon S3 it's supposed by changing the lock files to be saved on the actual disk. As far as I know it's not supported in gcp

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