Copy Vertica DB to google cloud?

I need to make a "copy" of our physical vertica database cluster and restore it in the google cloud. Not sure if anyone has done this before or if there are any recomendations. Any pointers would be appreciated.


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    DaveTDaveT Vertica Employee Employee

    I have not tried it but you can take a look at Google Cloud Storage FUSE. That should allow you to mount Linux filesystems to cloud storage. Then you can try to just use vbr to make your backup and test your restore.

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    I considered using FUSE and Google buckets for backup storage, but vertica needs to lock some files generated as part of the backup which is not supported in Google buckets. In Amazon S3 it's supposed by changing the lock files to be saved on the actual disk. As far as I know it's not supported in gcp
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    As my perspective, there are two types of database in the Google Cloud and we can say that like 2 steps of Google cloud first one all know about it but I'd like to tell you about the second step You would now be able to relocate your application database to Google Cloud SQL. Nonetheless, before you do this, you should incapacitate compose access to the application with the goal that the first and new databases remain in a state of harmony. AWS Web Hosting Service

    The strategy to do this shifts from application to application. Now and again, the application itself offers a "support mode" which can be initiated for the span of the information relocation. In others, you may need to download an upkeep mode module for this reason. In the event that neither of these choices is accessible, you should physically cripple login access by diverting clients to a static upkeep page.

    In this WordPress-based precedent, the most effortless approach to debilitate compose get to will be to introduce and initiate the WP Maintenance Mode module. This module will show a sprinkle screen warning to educate clients that the WordPress blog/site is down for support and can't be gotten to.rinkle screen warning to educate clients that the WordPress blog/site is down for support and can't be gotten to.

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    zenmarczenmarc Community Edition User

    I have moved all my data to Google cloud, I am using WordPress. Managing a server also involves complex tasks such as patching, OS upgrades, firewall configuration, and backups that need manual execution by the system administrator or server owner. GCE had a downtime of just 3.46 hours in 2014. This means that Google Cloud Engine was available for more than 99.9% of the time. You don’t have to take my word for it. Look at the following feedback and scores when a user launched WordPress on Google Cloud with managed hosting.

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