question about the ApportionedLoad process

We have a question about the ApportionedLoad process.

We were unclear as to whether 1 UDF could cover all the different loads or would there be 1 UDF for each load? From reading the 9.1 doco, it looks like the UDParser step would require a specific parser for each table so multiple UDFs would have to be written.

You use three types of UDL functions during development, one for each stage of the data-load process:
[omitted the first two]
• User-Defined Parser (UDParser): Up to one parser parses the data into tuples that are ready to be inserted into a table. For example, a parser could extract data from an XML-like format. You can optionally define a User-Defined Chunker (UDChunker, C++ only), to have the parser perform parallel parsing.

Can someone confirm?

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