R integration with Vertica for Machine Learning

Hi Folks, Greetings.

I have a doubt regarding R integration with Vertica.

Brief Description: I have large datasets on vertica and I need to build predictive models using ML. I am well versed with R and would love if could run R queries on Vertica DB. There are three ways to do this:

1) Get the datasets from Vertica to local ad build the models -- Not feasible for my case.

2) Connect to vertica through R. Run SQL queries through R IDE on vertica DBs.

3) Connect to Vertica, run R based queries and develop the model on Vertica itself. Deploy the model to test population thereafter.

I am looking for some help in executing option3. Can anyone shed some light into this. Also, would request to pardon me if my understanding about the subject so far is incorrect.


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