LDAP Roles - Privileges

Hello to all,

We implemented LDAP Auth on our Vertica Environment. Before LDAP we have user (password auth) on Vertica and we want to use both these users. For LDAP user; they have the role that they have at LDAP side as security group.

So this is the case:

LDAP Side:
Security Group 'Vertica Users'

Vertica Side Before LDAP sync:

Vertica Side After LDAP sync:
User1 with role 'Vertica Users'
User2 with role 'Vertica Users'
ETL_User with role 'Vertica Users' (we granted role 'Vertica Users' to ETL_User)

So I try to manage that in schemas already been created by ETL_User; (i.e owned by ETL_User)
User1 and User2 can create tables; (I managed this)
User1 can drop tables owned by User2 and vice versa; (I could not)
User1 can alter tables owned by User2 and vice versa; (I could not)
ETL_user can drop tables owned by User1 andUser2(I managed this)
User1 and Users2 can drop tables owned by ETL_User (I could not)

Is there a way?

Thank you.

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