T lock on a table X Lock timeout on another table.

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Hi All,
I'm using Vertica 8.1 and it looks like I'm getting an error during a "scheduled" delete statement. This locking failure is happening once in a while, not at the same hour of the day (I would say randomly... for now!)

[Vertica]VJDBC ERROR: Unavailable: lock table for query - Locking failure: Timed out X locking Table:SCHEMA_A.TABLE_A. T held by [user (Mergeout: (Table: SCHEMA_B.TABLE_B) (Projection: SCHEMA_B.TABLE_B_b0))]. Your current transaction isolation level is SERIALIZABLE)

This is happening always on the same two tables even if hundreds of tables and delete statements are daily running.

My understanding is that an object cannot be X locked if already T locked but here the T lock is referred to another table from a different schema.

Does anyone have an idea?? :)

Thanks & Regards


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