Column "‘mergeout’" does not exist?

Hi, I am a relative newbie to Vertica and came across my first ROS-needs-to-be-cleaned problem. The solution suggested is to run "SELECT DO_TM_TASK(‘mergeout’, ‘mydb.mytable’);", however when Ido that I get an error:

ERROR 2624: Column "‘mergeout’" does not exist

This confuses me sine I am trying to run a task called "mergeout" not access a data column of the same name.

Any information would be appreciated, especially around why it thinks I want to access a column and how I can get this command to work, as I am clearly misunderstanding something here.


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    OK, PEBCAK (although I can partially blame my laptop). The quotes around the 'mergeout' got changed to so-called smart quotes, so the system could not work out the correct command. Sorry for wasting your time.

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