Parser for syslog.

My customer wants to ingest syslog data into Vertica. Does someone have any practical method or example?

==Sample of the syslog==
Jan 12 00:00:02 TMNX: 114232 vprn40000 SYSTEM-WARNING-tmnxStateChange-2012 [IPSEC]: Status of IPsec tunnel TUNNEL_01113234_OPS_OPS changed administrative state: inService, operational state: outOfService
Jan 12 00:00:08 TMNX: 213321 Base VRTR-MINOR-tmnxVRtrBfdSessExtDown-2022 []: BFD: Local Discriminator 522 333FD session on node is down due to noHeartBeat
Jan 12 00:00:09 TMNX: 22232 Base VRRP-MINOR-vrrpTrapNewMaster-2011 [Becoming Master]: VRRP virtual router instance 1 on interface TenGigabitEthernet 2/2/1.221 (primary address changed state to master

Thanks in advance,

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