Fails on writing nulls to Binary fields in User Defined Parser

We have a Vertica UDP class which parses input from Kafka and writes the output to a Vertica table. One of the columns in this table is a BINARY type that allows NULLS (see [1] below). Inserting nulls into this table via SQL works just fine [2]. However, when trying to insert nulls via the UDP, it fails with the below exception.

, exception: com.vertica.sdk.TypeCoercionException: Object of type <null> cannot be coerced to Binary(4) (Unsupported target type), exception stack:[com.vertica.sdk.NullTypeCoercion.unsupportedType(, com.vertica.sdk.NullTypeCoercion.asBinaryBytes(, com.vertica.sdk.PartitionWriter.setValue(, com.vertica.sdk.PartitionWriter.setRowFromMap(, com.vertica.sdk.PartitionWriter.setRowFromMap(,

Does Vertica Java API support Null type coercion for Binary types? I could not glean any information from your docs on this.

Thanks in advance


[1] create table test_binary( bin_field BINARY(4));
[2] insert into test_binary (bin_field) VALUES(NULL);

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