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kafka vertica streaming in ssl

Hi all,

I am trying to setup streaming using vertica kafka schedular in ssl mode, i am getting exception as below,

2018-10-24 15:26:56.949 Init Session:7f7de37fe700-a0000000245617 [Txn] Begin Txn: a0000000245617 'SELECT KafkaCheckBrokers(USING PARAMETERS brokers='idcqeuba300.ubadom100.lab:39093') OVER (PARTITION AUTO) ORDER BY hostname,port'
2018-10-24 15:26:56.956 Init Session:7f7de37fe700-a0000000245617 [EE] SortManager found maxMerges 7 too small(0 MB Assigned).
2018-10-24 15:26:56.956 Init Session:7f7de37fe700-a0000000245617 [EE] After disabling optimization, maxMerges becomes 7.
2018-10-24 15:26:56.958 EEThread:7f7e2cffc700-a0000000245617 [UserMessage] KafkaCheckBrokers - Unable to read BIO into X509 structure
2018-10-24 15:26:56.959 Init Session:7f7de37fe700-a0000000245617 @v_investigation_node0001: VP001/5861: Error calling processPartition() in User Function KafkaCheckBrokers at [src/KafkaUtil.cpp:178], error code: 0, message: Error creating producer: [No error]
LOCATION: runProcessPartition, /scratch_a/release/svrtar28787/vbuild/vertica/EE/Processing/UserDefinedTransform.cpp:189

in non ssl mode its working.

Any idea what is error is about?


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