Back and restore from 8.0.1 to 9.0.1

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A customer of mine is currently running on Vertica 8.0.1. Now they need to migrate to a new hardware, and use the opportunity to move to Vertica 9.0.1. Can the entire database on 8.0.1 be backed up, and restored on 9.0.1? Documentation suggests both need to be on exact same version. Is that a case of just official supportability, or are there any known issues?



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    DaveTDaveT Vertica Employee Employee

    My understanding is that we added support for N->N+1 object restores/replication beginning around 9.0 or 9.0.1 but I think that is where it begins from the backup side. So I don't think it is supported for a backup taken from 8.0.1. Also, I believe the changes are only for replication or restoring objects and not for full database restore or copycluster. So, I think you will need to initially install same version on new hardware and then upgrade after the restore or, in your case, you could migrate DDL and export to the later version. Whether something really works even though unsupported would be something that would have to be tested but probably not a good idea in the event that something breaks along the way. I will let others correct me if they disagree.

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    @daveT is correct.
    @ankitdb : is there some particular reason you can't follow the recommended procedure?

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    Thanks DaveT, gyoung, for your responses.

    Like I said, the customer has to return the old HW, and setup Vertica on a new one, and wants to take advantage of this situation to move to the latest Vertica. Backing up and restoring across versions would have avoided the overhead to first install the old version on the new HW and then upgrade it post data restoration (or upgrade the existing setup to latest first). Thanks anyways, now I know a definitive answer to communicate.


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