backup size estimation using vbr


we are planning to perform backup of our 3-Node cluster and take backup to a remote server rather than keeping locally on same server. Is there any calculation available to estimate the size of backup will be generated using

We wish to calculate size of
1) Full DB backup.
2) restore point backup.

based on these calculation, we can decide how big my backup server should be?


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    There is a section in the docs called "Estimating Backup Host Disk Requirements".

    Take a look here:

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    Hi Jim,

    we have read this section before but it is not sufficient to fully estimate disk requirement. i will give you an example:

    My DB version is 8.1:

    from my test lab, we have 3 nodes and storage where i keep my ROS is :
    /data/vdb whereas i kept my backup under /backup.

    [dbadmin@Vertest3 ~]$ for i in 1 2 3; do ssh -q h$i "du -sh /data/vdb "; done
    5.1G /data/vdb
    12G /data/vdb
    11G /data/vdb
    [dbadmin@Vertest3 ~]$ for i in 1 2 3; do ssh -q h$i "du -sh /backup"; done
    5.4G /backup
    5.4G /backup
    5.4G /backup

    Even in incremental backup, if my DB is sitting idle with no change ( no insertion/updates/deletes), sometimes vbr generates incremental backup of 82Mb and sometimes it generates it for 2.8G.

    Since, this test Lab is very small as compared to our production, such difference may be ignored but we are planning to take backup of 600G per node on production DB.

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