Which files to delete after license invalid/expired error ?

I have a question. dbVisualizer says that my Vertica license is invalid or has expired.
I think this is due to the fact that the raw data has gone over 1 TB which is the license's limit.
Can you point me to the location of some junk data like logs or anything that can be 'safely' deleted without erasing important raw data ?
I have erased some archived files from catalog directory, but still we are receiving the error.


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    marcothesanemarcothesane - Select Field - Administrator

    You will have to drop tables, not files, Victorious91.
    You'll have to identify the tables that you suppose could be dropped and that you suppose to be big.

    Then, for each table you found, go:
    SELECT AUDIT('yourschema.yourtable');

    you will get their audit size as a result, and you can find their audit size in :

    Identify the biggest audit results for the tables you can do without, and drop them.

    Hope this helps ...


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    Hello, thanks for the help, I have used a command to erase partitions
    select drop_partition('name_of_schema.name_of_table', date) but then, when using the select get_compliance_status(); command I still receive a message that tells me that raw data size exceeds license size:
    "Raw Data Size: 1.26TB +/- 0.13TB
    License Size : 1.00TB
    Utilization : 126%
    Audit Time : 2018-10-30 00:01:53.685142+00
    Node count : 1
    License Node limit : 3
    Compliance Status : ***** NOTICE OF LICENSE NON-COMPLIANCE *****
    Continued use of this database is in violation of the current license agreement.
    Maximum licensed raw data size: 1.00TB
    Current raw data size: 1.26TB
    License utilization: 126%

    No expiration date for a Perpetual license"

    It is like the drop_partition command didn't have any effect at all...

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