Newbie: Loading Parquet file from S3 with correct column count match to table, fails:Too few Columns

Hi all,
I'm new to Vertica, so apologies if this is a standard question. I've done due diligence and trawled the net, and this forum (and docs) and still don't have a solution.

I have a parquet file which i have loaded into s3. It has 42 columns. I have a table which I have carefully created with... 42 columns. I am loading this test parquet file of 42 columns into my table of 42 columns with the following command:

COPY . FROM 's3:///VERTICA-ELT/data_so_2016-01-01_2018-12-09_text.parquet' PARQUET

When I run, I have 'success', but the table is not loaded (no records)

When I check rejections with the following query:

SELECT * FROM .s3_load_rejections_data_so_raw

I get a 'rejected_reason' of 'Too few columns found'.

If it was a csv I would expect this to be a pro

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