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DatabaseError: Write pandas dataframe to vertica using to_sql and vertica_python

I would like to write this dataframe to vertica database using to_sql method. So I use vertica_python module and my code is the following

import pandas as pd
import vertica_python

cxn = {"user":'myuser',

engine = vertica_python.connect(**cxn)

df = pd.DataFrame({"A":[1, 2, 3], "B":["a", "b", "c"]})

df.to_sql("df", index=False, if_exists="replace", con=engine, schema="public", dtype={"A":"int", "B":"str"})

Then i got database error which i could not fix it as follows.

DatabaseError: Execution failed on sql 'SELECT name FROM sqlite_master WHERE type='table' AND name=?;': not all arguments converted during string formatting

May I have your suggestions how to solve this problem? Thank you very much.

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