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Hello guys

I need to load data from a SELECT from Vertica to VERTICE itself.

If I use an ETL tool to capture the data and later save the data in Vertica I will face a network process that I do not want. The alternative to this was to create an "INSERT INTO TABLE SELECT" script, however, so the load information in the "load_streams" table is not written. Is there any way to write data from a SELECT from within Vertica and that the loader generates information in the "load_streams" table?

Something like:


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    Thank you very much.

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    I am trying to run the following command as per its orientation:

    COPY schemaDestination.tableDestination FROM VERTICA databaseName.schemaName.viewName DIRECT;

    Except that it returns the following error:

    That is, it says that my database does not exist. Would you help me?

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    I'm not connected using vsql or vertica admin tools. Can I run this command using DBeaver, without having to use "connect" and don't set my user and password?

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    scottpedersoliscottpedersoli Vertica Customer

    Yes, you can run in dbbeaver. You have to use CONNECT to enable data import (using the COPY FROM VERTICA statement) or export (using the EXPORT statement). Have to do this it this way because you indicated you wanted to use COPY to see in load streams.

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