Why is Vertica Management Console reporting my TZ is not set

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I am experimenting with setting up a Vertica Community Edition (9.2.0-0) cluster using three virtual machines. In the Vertica Management Console, when I enter my IP addresses and ask to "Validate Host" it chugs through and decides that I don't have a TZ variable set.

The error message (complete with the spelling):

Warning:Test: checking environmental variable TZ : WARN 17: enviornment variable TZ is not set

Except I DO have it set, both for the system and for the dbadmin user.

If I log in as dbadmin, I get:

[email protected]:~$ echo $TZ

If I log in as root, I get:

[email protected]:~# echo $TZ

Checking for TZ in all the places it would be expected:

[email protected]:~$ grep TZ /etc/profile
export TZ="America/New_York"
[email protected]:~$ grep TZ /etc/bashrc
export TZ="America/New_York"
[email protected]:~$ sudo grep TZ /root/.bashrc
export TZ="America/New_York"
[email protected]:~$ grep TZ ~dbadmin/.bashrc
export TZ="America/New_York"
[email protected]:~$ grep TZ ~dbadmin/.profile
export TZ="America/New_York"

Further information:

  • The system is Ubuntu 14.04, the version that supports the (free) Community Edition.
  • Each virtual machine has 4 gig of ram and 30 G of disk space (2.8 G swap)
  • The machines all started out life as Vertica Community Edition Virtual Machine, Version 9.1, worked over to support clusters.
  • The virtual machines are running under VirtualBox with the "VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapter" mode. I have assigned static IP addresses since that's what Vertica seems to want.
  • I am aware I won't get the performance I would get if I had dedicated servers but my objective at this time is to understand and experiment with the Vertica clustering.

Does anybody have any good suggestions where to look?

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