Vertica monitoring user to access all system tables

Hi ,
I wanted to create a vertica monitoring user which will have access to all the system tables (v_catalog , v_monitor) . I created a user but it is fetching data with respect to that user only. dbadmin being the super user has privilege to access all the data from system table.

Is there any specific grant / role which has to be provided to monitoring user so that it fetches full data from system tables . Reason to create a new user is I do not want to run monitoring queries from dbadmin user.

Tried this but didn't work out.
CREATE ROLE monitor; # created role
GRANT dbadmin to monitor;
GRANT dbadmin to monitoring_user;

Select * from roles;
role_id name assigned_roles
45035996273704964 public
45035996273704966 dbduser
45035996273704968 dbadmin dbduser*
45035996273704970 pseudosuperuser dbadmin*
45035996273704972 sysmonitor
72057595877958608 monitor dbadmin, sysmonitor

Thanks in advance


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