Steps for restore from s3

Hi, I am working on testing to see if the backups from s3 are able to restore to a new similar test cluster.

I am getting a permission denied error , how should i solve this? Is anyone able to successfully restore the backup.?

OSError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/vertica/data/.lock'

I am running the command as dbadmin user in centos machine

/opt/vertica/bin/vbr -t restore -c /opt/vertica/s3bak.ini

My config file:

; This section replaces the [Mapping] section and is required to back up to S3

; !!Mandatory!! S3 bucket name(no default).
s3_backup_path = s3://prod/

; !!Mandatory!! directory used to manage locking during a backup (no default). If the directory is mounted on the initiator host, you should use "[]" instead of the local host name. The file system must support POSIX fcntl flock.
; s3_backup_file_system_path = []:/vertica/data/bi/vertica_backup/
;s3_backup_file_system_path = []:/vertica/data/bi/backup_locks_dir/
;s3_backup_file_system_path = []:/home/dbadmin/backup_locks_dir/
s3_backup_file_system_path = []:/vertica/data

; Specifies SSL encrypted transfer.
; s3_encrypt_transport = True

; Specifies the number of threads for upload/download - backup
; s3_concurrency_backup = 10

; Specifies the number of threads for upload/download - restore
; s3_concurrency_restore = 10

; !!Recommended!! Snapshot name
; Valid values: a-z A-Z 0-9 - _
snapshotName = backup_snapshot

; !!Mandatory!! Identifies the backup as a hardlink style backup.
hardLinkLocal = True

; !!Recommended!! If you have more than one database defined on this Vertica cluster, use this parameter to specify which database to backup/restore.
dbName = bi

; If this parameter is True, vbr prompts the user for the database password every time.
; If False, specify the location of password config file in 'passwordFile' parameter in [Misc] section.
dbPromptForPassword = False

; ------------------------------------------- ;
; ------------------------------------------- ;

; The temp directory location on all database hosts.
; The directory must be readable and writeable by the dbadmin, and must implement POSIX style fcntl lockf locking.
; tempDir = /tmp/vbr

; Specifies the number of historical backups to retain in addition to the most recent backup.
; 1 current + n historical backups
restorePointLimit = 3
objectRestoreMode = createOrReplace

; Full path to the password configuration file
; Store this file in directory readable only by the dbadmin.
; (no default)
passwordFile = /home/dbadmin/pw.txt


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