maximum number of ROS containers

vcarusivcarusi Registered User

Is there a maximum limit for the number of ROS containers ?
Could I set it to 99999 ?
Thank you,


  • chaimachaima Employee, Registered User

    The limit of ROS containers per projection is 1024.
    Why would you need 99999 :) ?

  • Jim_KnicelyJim_Knicely Administrator, Moderator, Employee, Registered User, VerticaExpert

    @vcarusi - Do not mess with the max ROS containers per projection. You'll run into issues and your database performance will be adversely affected!

  • vcarusivcarusi Registered User

    Hi Jim,
    You are right. I meant the number of ROS containers per projection.
    I have a 70 GB table, with only one projection, and many processes that insert/update/select into/from it.
    The default maximum number of ROS containers was reached many time. I noticed the server was finding the table locked/involved in other processes, when it tried to mergeout the table. Thus, the mergeout wasn't executed and the number of containers increased.
    First solution was to double the maximum number of ROS containers. For a period it worked. But, again, the limit was reached.
    Then, I scheduled a mergeout when no process were modifying the table. The result is that, now, I have only one container.
    I don't know if is good or bad.

  • vcarusivcarusi Registered User

    Is there a way to split data from a ROS containers? I have a big container 130 GB. I would like to have 1000 smaller containers.
    Thank you,

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