I am getting decompression OK, trailing garbage ignored Error

Dear Vertica,

I have some copy command which are failing with below error

$ more /var/opt/fast/tmp/fact_increment_staging.sh.20190418123527202651.FASTSF1868190412.4khkt.7175.log_vertica_SQL.sql.rejected
gzip: /var/opt/fast/extracts/STGNG_POSDS_FRCST_FCT_1868_20190412_20190412: decompression OK, trailing garbage ignored

Please suggest what can be reason?


  • Jim_KnicelyJim_Knicely - Select Field - Administrator

    I'm pretty sure that's a problem with your compressed files.

    Is this the file? "/var/opt/fast/extracts/STGNG_POSDS_FRCST_FCT_1868_20190412_20190412"

    Try unzipping it manually:

    gunzip /var/opt/fast/extracts/STGNG_POSDS_FRCST_FCT_1868_20190412_20190412

    Do you get that same warning?

  • Thanks Jim for response.

    I have tried above command and gets like below

    $ gunzip STGNG_POSDS_FRCST_FCT_1868_20190412_20190412
    gzip: STGNG_POSDS_FRCST_FCT_1868_20190412_20190412: unknown suffix -- ignored

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