Problems migrating vertica

I am trying to migrate vertica database from a Server to another, but the main problem I have is that there´s no connectivity between the nodes. So I can´t try the copycluster option.

I have configured same version, using same dbadmin users and keep same routes to data and catalogs.

I am tryying to take a backup, restore on the new server, but when I try to start the database I get this error:
*** Starting database: drdata ***
Starting nodes:

All nodes to start have failed startup tests. Nothing to do.
Database start up failed. Failed startup tests. Nothing to do.
Press RETURN to continue

Please can you tell me what options could I have to get restore database on a new server?



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    Hi, I'd like to describe our schema of keeping primary and secondary clusters in sync. Our cluster consists of 5 nodes. Each node holds two storage areas - vertica-data, which holds files of running database and vertica-backup - which is place where vbr.py does incremental backup into. Vertica-backup folders are NFS exported to relevant nodes in secondary cluster. A separate vbr.py process does recovery from these NFS exported backup to secondary cluster. Also these mount points are backed up to the tape for DR purposal from nodes of the secondary cluster.

    While the overall scheme of transferring backup locations to target cluster can be done with varying options, it's strictly required (according to documentation) to have number of nodes, network (intra cluster) and storage configurations to be exactly the same.

    Could you please provide the following information?

    • vbr.py settings
    • select node_name, node_address, export_address, catalog_path From nodes;
    • select node_name,storage_path,storage_usage from disk_storage;
    • select node_name, location_path, location_usage from storage_locations;
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    Jim_KnicelyJim_Knicely - Select Field - Administrator
    edited May 2019

    @kaisersoset - Can you also post your /opt/vertica/log/admintools.log and $DATABASE_DIR/dbLog files from the node where you tried to start the DB?

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