Using third party modules like pandas in python udx

Hello everyone,

Although this question has been asked twice earlier but I did not understand procedure of it. Once it remained unanswered and one it was suggested to install pandas in vertica but how?

My question is, if someone wants to create a udx and want to import pandas just like vertica_sdk in python udx then how to achieve that goal. How will vertica understand third parties from inside code?


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    SruthiASruthiA Vertica Employee Administrator

    First, install python and its corresponding pip module on your vertica node. Now use pip to install required packages. In your case, it is pandas. Create a directory named "dependencies" in the location where your UDx exists. Now copy the pandas and other libraries folders from site-packages folder (it is created, when you install python) to dependencies folder. Now create library with DEPENDS clause and specify the path of dependencies directory

    CREATE LIBRARY myLib AS '/home/dbadmin/myprogram.py'
    DEPENDS '/home/dbadmin/dependencies/*' LANGUAGE 'PYTHON';

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