Unable to Import Existing Vertica Cluster via Management Console

verbanverban Registered User

This issue is same as i found in this questions:

But both posts doen't help me.
I did all commands that @Jim_Knicely said in above link.
Also i get same error that got here:


curl -H "VerticaApiKey: ***********" https://********:5444/licenses --insecure
{ "body": [{"status": true, "comment": "Vertica license is valid", "end": "Perpetual", "start": > "2011-11-22", "vendor": "Vertica Community Edition", "grace": "0", "size": "1TB CE Nodes 3"}],
"href": "/license",
"mime-type": "application/vertica.license.json-v2",
"links": []

curl -H "VerticaApiKey: ***********" https://********:5444/databases/**/users/null?user_id=dbadmin&passwd=***" --insecure

{ "http_code":405,
  "name":"Method Not Allowed",
  "data":"Method not allowed."

MC version is 9.2.1 and vertica version is 9.0.1


  • verbanverban Registered User

    This is what a have in MC log file after schecking password on MC web gui (/opt/vconsole/log/mc/mconsole.log):

    [MCThread-1558333690403] AgentCommands INFO - agentapi=POST, https://...:5444/databases//users/null?user_id=dbadmin&passwd=******
    [MCThread-1558333690403] AgentCommands INFO - executeCommand>> statusCode: 500, Raw agentResponse: https://
    [MCThread-1558333690403] AgentCommands WARN - Agent Response Not OK: 500
    [MCThread-1558333690403] AgentCommands WARN - Exception while parsing agent response: Expected a ',' or '}' at character 182 of { "http_code":500,
    "name":"Internal Server Error",
    "data":" ERROR: Error get user details: Column "user_name" does not exist"
    [MCThread-1558333690403] ClusterAdminController ERROR - Password Validation failed with error, code: 500 , Error message: Error parsing the response from database server

    It seems this is a bug....

  • verbanverban Registered User

    any comment?

  • verbanverban Registered User

    Finally i upgrade my vertica to 9.2.0
    And also the version of my MC is 9.2.1
    But i cannot connect MC to my db again.
    same error in mconsole log....
    :'( :'( :'(
    Also i created a new user but not changed...

  • verbanverban Registered User

    any comment?

  • Jim_KnicelyJim_Knicely Administrator, Moderator, Employee, Registered User, VerticaExpert
    edited June 3

    Hmm. I have not seen this. Do you have any settings in MC you need to retain? If not, I'd completlty uninstall it, remove the /opt/vertica/mc directory and reinstall. Seems like a password issue. Don't include any weird characters in your MC password. Just a guess If you have weird characters, let me know, might be a bug we can fix.

  • verbanverban Registered User

    Thanks @Jim_Knicely,
    I installed it again but same error!
    the /opt/vertica/mc/ wasn't valid and doesn't exists:


    Configuration (with simple password: 123456)

    Same error again

    Log file /opt/vconsole/log/mc/mconsole.log

    I hope it may help you to find the root cause (or maybe bug)

    Log.txt 41.5K

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