VerticaClient and odbc

Hello, can anyone explain to me what's the difference here between using VerticaConnection object and OdbcConnection ?
we have a solution that generates an INSERT statement of aggregated data, this statement is failing sometimes with the error:
The connection is closed at Vertica.Data.Internal.ADO.Net.SCommand.Prepare(Boolean isExecDirect)
at Vertica.Data.Internal.ADO.Net.SCommand.Prepare()
at Vertica.Data.VerticaClient.VerticaCommand.Prepare()
at Vertica.Data.VerticaClient.VerticaCommand.ExecuteNonQuery()

we are using __VerticaConnection_ _, when I tried to use OdbcConnection instead it worked fine (of course after changing the connectionstring and a some tweaks)

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