ODI 11g and BIAPPS DW migration to Vertica

I am trying a POC to migrate our Oracle BIAPPS DW to Vertica.
So I want to point our existing ODI BIAPPS ELT to-
1) read from vertica (from replicated EBS tables)
2) and write to vertica.

I have been able to create Vertica connection but I want to change technology of BIAPPS DW model to Vertica, so that existing ELT interfaces can be pointed to Vertica with minimal development.

Can someone please provides some inputs , if this has been tried out and what would be the steps to do it. Also if it is not possible with ODI11g would upgrading ODI to 12C help in achieving this.


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    Jim_KnicelyJim_Knicely - Select Field - Administrator

    Here are links to the "Vertica Integration with Oracle Data Integrator: Connection Guide" and "Vertica Integration with Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition (OBIEE): Connection Guide" blog posts:



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    siddyashsiddyash Vertica Employee Employee

    Hello Ashwin,
    The link that Jim sent, should help you to create connection to Vertica.

    You should be able to change the target datasource to Vertica. Try these steps:
    1. In Topology created a new "Vertica" connection.
    2. Then create physical schema and logical schema for the Vertica connection.
    3. Created data model in designer tab.
    4. Next reverse engineering to load all the tables of vertica and dragged the selected table in to the existing workflow as target by removing the existing target.
    5. Execute the workflow and see if you are able to get the correct data into Vertica table.
    You will get message about compatability errors that you will need to fix them.
    Hope this help.

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    Thanks Jim and Siddyash. I had performed the steps to create Vertica connection as well as created logical and physical schemas and reverse engineered the objects i.e 1 to 4 above.
    However in ODI 11g it seems like I may have to modify existing ELT interfaces 1-by-1 to change targets to Vertica, this would mean mapping the columns and logic again . I also want to change source tables in my interfaces as I have replicated EBS source tables in Vertica. This would be a lot of development work. I am looking for a way which might be faster and more generic (like changing technology of a BI Apps model to Vertica) to point sources and targets to Vertica. Do you know if it is easier (and without much development effort) to replace sources and targets in ODI 12c than in ODI 11g to vertica ? Also is there a generic way of doing this in ODI 11g instead of modifying at interface level ?

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