Vertica EON S3 access without IAM role

vctrstrmvctrstrm Registered User

I've been trying to evaluate Vertica EON on AWS but could not find any way to pass IAM credentials to admintools when creating the database. I know setting up an EC2 role works, but is there any way to create a Vertica EON database with specific Access-Key/Secret-Access-Key ?

I appreciate any insight someone may have on this :smile:


  • skeswaniskeswani Employee, Registered User, VerticaExpert

    yes there is a way. (applies to vertica 9.2+)
    Add the following parameters to


    Then issue the create_db command. These get baked into the database.

    awsregion = us-east-1
    awsenablehttps = 1

    offcourse, ensure that this key has access to the bucket, else create_db will fail

  • vctrstrmvctrstrm Registered User

    Awesome! Thanks a bunch @skeswani !

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