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[Vertica][VJDBC](5108) ERROR: Type "TEXT" does not exist

I'm working on Pyspark. I need to save a DataFrame to vertica table. But I got error:

[Vertica]VJDBC ERROR: Type "TEXT" does not exist

My DataFrame has some columns with string type, but vertica has VARCHAR.

|-- STARTHOUR: timestamp (nullable = true)
|-- CELL: string (nullable = true)
|-- Risk1: integer (nullable = true)
|-- Risk2: integer (nullable = true)
|-- Risk3: integer (nullable = true)
|-- MGRSID: string (nullable = true)
|-- LAT: double (nullable = true)
|-- LONG: double (nullable = true)
|-- ALERT_TYPE: string (nullable = true)

Do you have any solution? I saw some where mentioned solution with Scala. But I'm looking for solution on Pyspark. Any help is appreciated.



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