replication - Approximate bytes to copy

I have a process that replicates data periodically from one standalone (1 node) server to other. In theory it should start every 15 min.
There are 6 tables to be replicated. their size being 150 GB.
Between 2 replication there aren't many changes. I would appreciate, less than 1 GB.
My problem is that vbr approximates and replicates 35 GB.

Does someone know what files are copied ?
How to decrease these 'replication size' ? Maybe, increasing the number of ROS/files associated to these tables ?

I though of summing size of all files changed after the last replication:

select schema_name,projection_name ,sum(used_bytes)/1024/1024/1024 storage_gb
from v_monitor.storage_containers c, remote_replication_status r
where storage_type='ROS'
( (schema_name='s1' and projection_name like 't1_super')
or (schema_name='s2' and projection_name like 't2_super')
and c.end_epoch > r.replicated_epoch
group by schema_name, projection_name;

As I said, this sum is 0,1 Gb.
So, why vertica server copies 35 GB ?

Thank you,


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