Is modifying vconsole's report definition queries supported

Running vertica-console-9.2.0-0.x86_64.

The Vertica Hardware Guide (https://www.vertica.com/kb/GenericHWGuide/Content/Hardware/GenericHWGuide.htm)

Selecting a Network Adapter
To support the maximum performance MPP cluster operations, Vertica nodes should include at least two 10-gigabit Ethernet ports, bonded together for performance and redundancy.

However the bundled queries in Vertica Management Console that poll the dc_network_info_by_minute view only return data for interfaces matching the following constraint:

WHERE (interface_id like 'eth%' or interface_id like 'em%' or interface_id like 'p%p%' )

If a bonded NIC is used the network interface should have the ID bond0, bond1, etc...

modifying this condition in the report definitions seems to work:
$ find /opt/vconsole/reports/ -name *.xml -exec grep -l -i interface_id {} \;

ie. change this condition to
WHERE (interface_id like 'eth%' or interface_id like 'em%' or interface_id like 'p%p%' or interface_id like 'bond%')

Is this modification supported?
Will this modification be bundled in future releases of vconsole?



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    Bryan_HBryan_H Vertica Employee Administrator

    Hi, I think that would be redundant as the bondX adapter statistics should be the sum of the ethX adapter statistics. It's kept separate to help identify cases where the physical adapters might be unbalanced - I've seen cases where channel 0 of a bonded adapter was carrying ~80% of the traffic - though I did have to dig into ifconfig, dc_network_stats, etc. to find that.

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    Hi Bryan,
    In the specific case I'm looking at there is no data stored in the internal view for the em* devices but when I manually run the query with the modified condition above I get credible figures.

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