Loading parquet files with complex data type


Is it possible to load a parquet file with the schema, that has complex data type like structs or lists?
I am trying to load a file with the shema below, however vertica gives me "complex types are not supported" message, even though per documentation structs are supported

capturedTimestamp: INT64
location.latitude: DOUBLE
location.longitude: DOUBLE
location.postalCode: BYTE_ARRAY UTF8
event.metadata.triptype: BYTE_ARRAY UTF8

Thanks for any help/suggestions.


  • SruthiASruthiA Vertica Employee Employee

    What is your external table definition? What is the data type you are specifying in Vertica for BYTE_ARRAY type in the schema?

  • LenoyJLenoyJ - Select Field - Employee
    edited August 2019

    Which version of Vertica are you on? Structs were introduced in 9.2.

    I'm certain that the documentation says that structs are supported in the context of External Tables. But you can attempt to load the data with structs using a COPY.

    Use this guide as reference: https://www.vertica.com/docs/9.2.x/HTML/Content/Authoring/AdministratorsGuide/Tables/ExternalTables/Structs.htm

    So a table in Hive with nested structs like the following:

    create external table atomix
    Id int,
    capturedTimestamp timestamp,
    location struct<
        postalCode:int >,
    event struct<
            tripcode:int> >
    stored as parquet location '/user/data/atomix';

    Can be written as an External Table in Vertica as:

    create external table atomix
        Id int ,
        capturedTimestamp timestamptz ,
        "location.latitude" float,
        "location.longitude" float,
        "location.postalCode" int,
        "event.metadata.triptype" varchar,
        "event.metadata.tripcode" int
    as copy from '/home/dbadmin/atomix.parquet' PARQUET;


    dbadmin=> select * from atomix ;
     Id |   capturedTimestamp    | location.latitude | location.longitude | location.postalCode | event.metadata.triptype | event.metadata.tripcode
      1 | 2019-08-08 03:00:00-04 |             12.12 |              13.14 |              123456 | funtrip                 |                     321
    (1 row)

    You can create a regular table like below and even do a COPY.

    CREATE TABLE atomix_regular
        Id int ,
        capturedTimestamp timestamptz ,
        "location.latitude" float,
        "location.longitude" float,
        "location.postalCode" int,
        "event.metadata.triptype" varchar,
        "event.metadata.tripcode" int


    dbadmin=> COPY atomix_regular FROM '/home/dbadmin/atomix.parquet' PARQUET;
     Rows Loaded
    (1 row)

    Attached atomix.parquet that I used.

  • Ah, that make sense, thank you. Using 9.1.0-1. OK, going to upgrade to 9.2 and will give it a try, thank you!

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