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When comparing storage usage on 4 nodes in our cluster, I noticed that a lot of size is occupied by backups (namely in Objects \backups\Objects location). I used vbr -t -remove -c backup.ini to remove old archived backups (we keep 4) , but the size of the Objects did not go down at all.
Next, I ran two commands:
vbr -t quick-repair -c configfile.ini
vbr -t collect-garbage -c configfile.ini --report-file=path/filename
Some old objects seemed to be deleted. but they only accounted for about 60GB of space. Since I deleted 2 archive backups, I expected the size of the Objects to go down 50%, but it didn't. The size of backups folder decreased from 830 to 760 GB only.

What it takes to fully remove all backups? Does backup\Objects holds some other files needed by Vertica?


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    Bryan_HBryan_H Vertica Employee Administrator

    Hi, I'm under the impression that backups with restore points only capture deltas but may appear to be full size because the deltas contain "hard links" or filesystem pointers to the most recent copy of an object. So when you delete one backup, you might only be deleting one changeset. I think the previous thread indicated you would need to pass a flag to delete "all" backups.

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    I did not remove "all" backups b/c one of them was taken before adding a node, so I removed each archive (done after adding a node) individually. Just could not understand why the size of backups hardly changed if all backups done after adding a node were removed.
    After internal discussion, we decided to run "all' and the Objects size decreased to 15 MB.

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