Migration from Enterprise to EON

Hi Dave,
Thank you very much for your valuable suggestions and guidance.
Just one question :
We are planning for migration from Enterprise to EON.
Is there any way we can achieve this, because we are switching all production to Eon.
How I can copy existing users(Passwords and roles) to eon ?
Can you please advise ?




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    Bryan_HBryan_H Vertica Employee Administrator

    Hi, there are several parts, because Eon data is stored differently in communal storage than the EE ROS format.
    First, copy the database DDL using export_objects(). Run the DDL script on the Eon mode database.
    Then, use a compatible method to copy the data between databases like CONNECT TO VERTICA or odb. These tools can copy between dissimilar databases.
    The attached Python script (change ending back to .py) will export most metadata such as users, grants, roles, etc. but it has not been tested for all situations, so it's recommended to verify the output and add any additional metadata to the target Eon mode database.
    Let us know how it goes and whether we can provide better documentation or scripts for any step of the process.

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    Hi Dave,
    Thank you very much for the script.
    While going through the script it is textract users and their associated grants,But the users credentials is there any way to extract this as well?
    We have 2000 users in Enterprise while switching to EON, We need to create those 2000 users with there credentials(same as enterprise).
    Is any way to copy to user's with there credentials ?
    Thanks in advance !!


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