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Error drop_partitions forceSplit

When I executed drop_partitions function Vertica returns an error:
ERROR 55000 ERROR 8430: Some storage containers must be split before the specified partition range can be dropped HINT: Set "forceSplit" to true to implicitly repartition the data
Command that is executed is as follows:
select drop_partitions('ods.table_name','2019-01-01','2019-01-01','true');
So forceSplit is already set to true. Table is partitioned hierarchicaly (year - month - day) and I get the error when I am trying to drop partition from inactive months/years , maybe this somehow affecting.
Almost the same error I get when using swap_partition_between_tables function.
What can cause the problem? And how can I fix it?


  • Hello,
    We have the same issue on Vertica Analytic Database v9.2.1-2.
    What's the root cause? How to fix the issue?

  • Hello, the same problem with 9.2.1. Someone found the solution?

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