Column [dst_ip] does not exist in relation [Sample_Data_1] in RF_CLASSIFIER

I have Table with name "Sample_Data_1". It contains two column Dst_ip & Dst_country.
Below is the syntax
"RF_CLASSIFIER ( 'model‑name', input‑relation, 'response‑column', 'predictor‑columns'
[ USING PARAMETERS [exclude_columns='excluded‑columns']
[, ntree=num‑trees]
[, mtry=num‑features]
[, sampling_size=sampling‑size]
[, max_depth=depth]
[, max_breadth=breadth]
[, min_leaf_size=leaf_size]
[, min_info_gain=threshold]
[, nbins=num‑bins] ] )
where my input is model-name = RandomForest1 / input-relation = Sample_Data_1 / response-column = dst_ip / predictor-column = dst_country / ntree=(100, 20) / sampling_size = (0.3, 0.6)
i'm Facing below error
"ERROR 8306: Problem in creating model [RandomForest1].
Detail: Cannot compute input column list.
Detail: Column [dst_ip] does not exist in relation [Sample_Data_1].


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    So, you're trying to predict the IP address given a country name? That doesn't seem feasible to me. I think maybe you have them swapped - seems like you could predict a country based on the IP address. What data types are these values? Some of these functions only allow specific data types.

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