Ingesting Data Automatically

I have large amount data (Arcsight Logger), but right now not integrate with vertica. I want to ingest data automatically by using of script in vertica. How can we done this type of process. ? If it's done with the help of script, how to create script for any type of data ?


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    marcothesanemarcothesane - Select Field - Administrator

    Do you want to load a flex table, or a normal Vertica table?
    You would need to create the target (flex or not) table first.

    Then, you need to run a COPY command that contains the target table name and the source file name , plus, if applicable, the information, which bit from the source table record goes into which target column. The COPY command is part of the Vertica SQL dialect.

    Can you supply information on the format of an Arcsight Logger File? Is it textual? Does it have one record per line?
    What do you want to import into Vertica from that file in tabular format?

    When you answer the above, we might be able to enlighten you more on this ...


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