Vertica backup issue

Dear's, can you please confirm why i am getting the error while doing the backup full/incremental.

Starting replication of objects ['FAS'] from OSSA.
Participating nodes: v_ossa_node0001, v_ossa_node0002, v_ossa_node0003.
Snapshotting the source database.
Error: SQL command "select object_snapshot('backup_snapshot_HKMDU9P3YXN67UUCR1ZN47IGSQGTG358','FAS',false);" failed: ERROR 7813: Snapshot failed because some projections unable to move out data to ROS. Minimum checkpoint epoch of projections in snapshot: 67156996, current epoch: 67167673
HINT: See vertica log for all the lagging projections
Replicate FAILED.
[dbadmin@ppsafas1 bin]$


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    SruthiASruthiA Vertica Employee Administrator

    please perform moveout and then try replication to see if it helps.

    SELECT DO_TM_TASK('moveout');

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    Thanks Sruthia, basically it was inactive projection issue which is resolved now and backup start.

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