SSL error: certificate verify failed

Hi All
I created crt & keys. Even I am getting below result if running my command.
command : openssl verify -CAfile ca.crt server.crt
Expected output:
server.crt: OK
But when running below command so giving vsql issue and giving console output
vsql: SSL error: certificate verify failed .
Kindly provide me your needul help .
Thanks & Regards
Maneesh Kumar
*****************Command & Issue start ***************************************************
[dbadmin@vlab052000 root]$ vsql -m require
vsql: SSL error: certificate verify failed
[dbadmin@vlab052000 root]$ vsql
Welcome to vsql, the Vertica Analytic Database interactive terminal.
Type: \h or \? for help with vsql commands
\g or terminate with semicolon to execute query
\q to quit
dbadmin=> select user,authentication_method, ssl_state from sessions where session_id = current_session();
current_user | authentication_method | ssl_state
dbadmin | Password | None
*****************Command & Issue End ***************************************************


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