How To Check if Backup is Taking Place

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We have a 3 node Verica cluster. I want to start backup from one node to an external storage how do I know that no other backup is taking place at the same time on another node. I assume we can look for running vbr process on all three nodes, but is there a better way?



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    Bryan_HBryan_H Vertica Employee Administrator
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    Try checking the V_MONITOR.SESSIONS table for signs of vbr actions, e.g. mention of "snapshot" in transaction_description or current_statement from a user authorized to run backups:

    select node_name, user_name, transaction_description, current_statement from v_monitor.sessions;

    node_name   user_name   transaction_description current_statement
    v_docker_node0001   dbadmin user dbadmin (Database Snapshot)    

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