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edited October 7 in General Discussion

I'm trying to use CORR_MATRIX (simplified example, I realize CORR would work for just 2 columns) as follows:
select CORR_MATRIX("hour_7", "drops") OVER () from (
select * from (select apply_one_hot_encoder(* using parameters model_name='test_encoder', drop_first='false') from test) as Q1
) as Q2;

but getting this error:
ERROR 3457: Function CORR_MATRIX(int, int) does not exist, or permission is denied for CORR_MATRIX(int, int)
I'm running
vsql version 09.02.0007, built for Linux64
From JB Favre's vertica docker container
The docs say CORR_MATRIX is a 9.2.x feature, but I can't find details more granular than that.
Any ideas?

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  • But as you indicated, just use CORR(), since you're just analyzing two columns.

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