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How do I monitor the copy cluster process?

We have scheduled the vbr copycluster using cron job. The job occasionally fails due to various reasons.
For replicating objects, I know that there is a table, v_monitor.REMOTE_REPLICATION_STATUS, that can be used for monitoring. Is there a similar table for copycluster monitoring?


  • You can monitor it using vbr.log. progress percentage will be written to log. As of now there are no tables to monitor the same.

  • Thanks SruthiA.
    Is it possible to view the logs via management console? Would it be possible to set some kind of alerts when error happens?

  • You cannot view them using management console. Logs are present at path you have set for tmpDir in .ini file. You can grep for 'error' word and create a cron job to set up alerts.

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