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Two questions related to the community edition VM

Hi experts,
I dled and successfully installed the VM in VirtualBox, but I have two stupid questions after checking the manual:

1. It seems that I have access to the following resources:
Please ignore this question as I've never touched the CREATE database option and assumed that as VMart is local maybe everything is local. I'll try it out tomorrow
Install Vertica on up to 3 nodes
Store up to 1 TB of structured and semi-structured data
Does it mean that I can actually upload data to Vertica cloud or everything is local? If so how do I do it? To clarify, I don't have access to Cloud service such as AWS (I actually have a free account in AWS so maybe I can use that...)

2. How do I connect Python from the host machine (win 10) using ODBC to the Vertica instance in VM?

To clarify, since my company uses Vertica, I know how to connect Python with our DB using pyodbc. However how do I do that for the instance in VM from the host machine (Win 10)? I'd like to practice some ETL and data modeling.

Thank you in advance!


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