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How to change Vertica Storage Location for Catalog files (Location Usage)

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I have upgraded Linux OEL 7.5 and then reinstalled vertica cluster.
Post installation the storage location got changed to
/home/dbadmin/VertexDB/v_vertexdb_node0001_catalog/Catalog Storage Usage = CATALOG
Earlier it was :

How can i change the Storage location and usage to catalog again .
If i add a new location it will create by default in DATA,TEMP usage. Also it is not allowing to Alter the Label to Catalog.
CREATE LOCATION '/vdata/catalog01/VertexDB/v_vertexdb_node0001_catalog/Catalog' NODE 'v_vertexdb_node0001' ;

SELECT ALTER_LOCATION_USE ('/vdata/catalog01/VertexDB/v_vertexdb_node0001_catalog/Catalog' , 'v_vertexdb_node0001' , 'CATALOG')
[Code: 3777, SQL State: 22023] [Vertica]VJDBC ERROR: Invalid Usage type: CATALOG

Please help.



  • The easy way would be
    ln -s
    ln -s /vdata/catalog01/VertexDB/v_vertexdb_node0001_catalog/ /vdata/catalog01/VertexDB/
    Other option is catalog editining and for that you need to open a support case and work with support team.

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