resource_queues and resource_pool_status table are blank

hsaxena20hsaxena20 Community Edition User

Hello All,
These two tables are blank in Vertica. What should be possible cases when it is blank and how I can enable logging in these tables?


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    Nimmi_guptaNimmi_gupta - Select Field - Employee

    Resource queues could be blank if there are no requests pending for various resource pools.
    Can you provide the out of the below query
    select * from resource_pool_status;

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    hsaxena20hsaxena20 Community Edition User

    Hey Nimmi,
    Please find attached file.

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    Nimmi_guptaNimmi_gupta - Select Field - Employee

    Downloaded and reviewed the status table and it's not blank. What information you trying to look into resource_pool_status table?

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    Nimmi_guptaNimmi_gupta - Select Field - Employee

    ++ Can you check for active sessions by running the below query
    select count() from sessions where statement_id is not null;
    ++ Check for the total number of executing query
    select count(
    ) from query_requests where is_executing;
    ++ If both the above table return some value resource_pool_status should show some records by running below query. If not it could be a bug.
    select * from resource_pool_status where running_query_count > 0;

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