vertica db down

After segment change database is not coming up. Getting the below dbLog error. What might be the reason?

Conf_load_conf_file: using file: /catalog/DEV_AEPVDB/v_dev_aepvdb_node0001_catalog/spread.conf
Setting active IP version to 0
Successfully configured Segment 0 []:4803 with 2 procs:
Connecting to spread at 4803
Connected to spread on local domain socket /opt/vertica/spread/tmp/4803
auto restart closing socket
Starting UDxSideProcess for language C++
with command line: /opt/vertica/bin/vertica-udx-C++ 4 _dev_aepvdb_node0001-363623:0x2 debug-log-off /catalog/DEV_AEPVDB/v_dev_aepvdb_node0001_catalog/UDxLogs 5
02/06/20 10:51:17 SP_connect: unable to connect via UNIX socket to /opt/vertica/spread/tmp/4803 (pid=363623): Error: No such file or directory
02/06/20 10:51:18 SP_connect: DEBUG: Auth list is: NULL
02/06/20 10:51:18 SP_connect: connected with private group(21 bytes): #node_b#N010084102021; mbox=10, pid=363623
02/06/20 10:51:40 SP_disconnect: mbox=10, pid=363623, send_group=#node_b#N010084102021



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