ML - Can you isolate ML workload from other loads?

emichaudemichaud Vertica Employee Employee
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Is it possible to isolate the workload of ML functions from other loads of the Vertica DB?

Asked during the BDC session Model Management and Data Preparation
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    ChuckBChuckB Vertica Employee Employee

    Yes! There are several techniques to use, based on how much isolation you need.
    1. Use a resource pool. This approach doesn't require any additional hardware, and can limit how much of the existing cluster ML can use.
    2. Use a (secondary) subcluster, if you are using Eon and can provision more machines. These machines will have access to an up-to-date copy of all data in the database, and the processing aspect will be fully isolated from the other Vertica nodes.
    3. Use import/export, object backup/restore, or similar, to move the data to another fully isolated cluster. This allows work on a snapshot of the data, which has its pros and cons, depending on what kind of ML you are doing.

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    ML model generation is already segregated by the BLOBDATA resource pool. I don't know if data preparation functions are also similarly isolated, but Chuck's answer still applies there.

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