Eon Mode - How is backup, recovery, and migration handled?

Min_Yun_ChanMin_Yun_Chan Vertica Employee Employee

How is backup/recovery and data migration handled in Eon mode?

@dsprogis @ybei

Link to talk: Eon Mode: Past, Present, Future


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    PanPan Employee

    This seem to be a general question, but roughly:
    No real recover in Eon mode.
    After doing migration operation on Enterprise mode, then do revive to get a Eon DB.
    Full backup and restore is supported on Eon mode.

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    Jan_SoubustaJan_Soubusta Vertica Customer

    object level backup and restore as well, right?

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    AfeAfe - Select Field - Employee

    No object level backup presently but restoring objects from a full backup is supported in Eon mode.

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