What are the advantages to WOS deprecation?

Min_Yun_ChanMin_Yun_Chan Vertica Employee Employee

WOS will be removed completely in Vertica 10.0. What are the advantages?

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Link to talk: Eon Mode: Past, Present, Future


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    ChuckBChuckB Vertica Employee Employee

    We also have a blog post on this topic: https://www.vertica.com/blog/write-optimized-storage-wos-deprecation-what-you-need-to-know/

    I will answer this question in my talk at our Virtual Big Data Conference, tomorrow at 9:30am. I don't want to repeat too much here and I encourage you to tune in to hear the history of why we have the WOS in the first place... but the short answer is that in 10.0, the ROS is faster than both the WOS and ROS of a couple years ago, the WOS adds a lot of management complexity, and the WOS isn't compatible with our future vision, so getting rid of it is a major step forward in all regards.

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