Plan to support Terraform scripts as well as CloudFormation scripts?


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    So, I did answer this during the BDC session Migrating Your Vertica Cluster to the Cloud, and said, that currently I personally was unaware of any efforts to transition to Terraform scripts, and the with the new release of Vertica Eon mode in the GCP marketplace, and an investigation started to place Vertica in the Alibaba Cloud, that is was unlikely to see the Release Engineering team expanding the offerings in AWS without a solid reason. But now that we are in the Forums, maybe we can get a member of the Release Engineering team to keep me honest?

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    MarkHMarkH Employee

    Terraform is at least something that has been favorably discussed in Release Engineering. As Vertica expands to more and more clouds, there's a clear benefit to a standardized cross-platform solution. Instead of needing to learn the nuances of AWS CFTs versus Google's Deployment Templates versus Azure solution templates, Terraform could hasten our velocity into new cloud platforms by reducing development effort as well as giving customers a consistent experience regardless of their cloud. These benefits certainly justify further exploration in the upcoming development cycles, although I cannot commit to anything definite. A Vertica Terraform script would be supplemental to our existing deployment options on AWS/GCP, not in place of them.

    Hope that helps,
    Mark Hayden, Release Engineering

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    bryancbryanc Vertica Customer

    Any examples on Vertica deployments via Terraform that this time? Are you also looking at Packer for images? Thank!

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