Query performance for non-depot data

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So the depot is intended to keep low latency queries fast. How much of an impact is it if the data is not already stored in the depot?
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    The performance penalty for a depot miss varies according to I/O speed of communal storage, concurrency load on communal storage and network bandwidth.
    On AWS, for the simplest of queries against a single table, we have seen an approximate difference of 10X (the query takes 10 times as long to run).
    On Pure Storage FlashBlade with a dedicated network for inter-node communication, for the simplest of queries we have seen a 30% performance impact (the query takes 30% longer to run). While this 30% performance penalty seems low, it quickly multiplies when multiple joins are involved.
    Whatever platform you choose, we strongly recommend running a POC to assess performance differences against your individual schema, queries to inform your hardware configuration.

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